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Courtly Relationship Advice

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Today’s guest post is Erin Kane Spock. She writes Elizabethan era historical romance, and her romance story is classic! There is definitely no mystery about her relationship advice and what makes relationships work! Congratulations to her and her husband for recently celebrating twenty years!

Find out more about her...

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Courtly Pleasures by Erin Kane Spock

Book Review

This is described in the cover copy as an “Elizabethan romp” which…is sort of true. It’s a little less rompy than the blurb implies, but it’s full of delightful research tidbits. It’s also a second chance romance (sort of) of two people who figure out that life together is better than life apart, and that sex can be fun.

Frances and Henry have been married for ten years, and they have several children together, but after the death of two of them, Frances tells Henry that she wants to have separate lives, and that she’s accepted a post as a Lady in Waiting to Queen Elizabeth. Henry reluctantly agrees, but he’s also got a court position, so he decides to woo his wife back to his side...

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Historical Accuracy!

Guest Post with Erin Kane Spock

Published In: TBQ's Book Palace

Erin Kane Spock's latest historical romance, Courtly Scandals, came out earlier this month from Crimson Romance (RIP, Crimson). Today Erin is going to talk about finding the balance between historical accuracy and fictional entertainment.

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Happy Thursday, Everyone!

I am thrilled to introduce you to a debut author who just join our Crimson Romance family, Erin Kane Spock.

Erin's first novel, Courtly Pleasures is out for all of us to enjoy! And can I say, the reviews so far are wonderful:

  • "A real pleasure to read."
  • " Engaging characters, real struggles and a bit of intrigue makes for a satisfying romance"
  • "Full of great imagery, entertaining dialogue, a touch of humor, and a whole lot of sexy."
Erin, I would love to start off this interview with you telling us a little about yourself ...

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An Inrerview with Erin

Published In: Harlequin Junkie

As a woman, I want people to take away a hopeful heart about second chances and that love will work if you work for it. As a writer, I want my readers to fall in love with the Elizabethan world I’m creating and look forward to jumping back in to the costumes and dancing, the opulence and the intrigue, the courtly banter that covers deeper currents of emotion.

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Flippin' Pages Book Reviews


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The Elizabethan era is by far my favorite HR sub-genre, unfortunately Elizabethan era books are few and far between, so I was delighted to see this book listed on NetGalley and while I had never read anything by this author, I was excited to dive into the glittery, treacherous world of Queen Elizabeth’s court and I am happy to say Ms. Spock did not disappoint!

This a complex tale of the fictional Mary Montgomery and Sir Charles Fitzjohn, set among the very real members of Queen Elizabeth’s court. Mary was introduced in the first book Courtly Pleasures (which I haven’t read, but will be soon!) as a member of Frances LeSieur’s household. Mary has been invited to stay for the Christmastide festivities by her dear friend Anne, Countess of Oxford, to whom she was a companion for many years until she was sent home ruined and heartbroken, thanks to Anne’s husband Edward, Earl of Oxford. But even with the shadow of Oxford hanging over her, Mary looks forward to spending time with Anne and enjoying all the revelry the court has to offer before she returns to her duties with the LeSieurs....

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Here is my interview with Erin Kane Spock

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Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?

My name is Erin Kane Spock and I am forty-two. Yes, Spock is my real last name. It’s my married name and it’s Polish, not Vulcan. And no, I am not related to either Dr. Spock or Leonard Nimoy (yes, I get asked this).

Fiona: Where are you from?...

I have lived in Southern California for most of my life...

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InD'tale Magazine

Courtly Pleasures - A Review

Published In: InD'Tale Magazine

Frances LeSieur is requesting a separation from her husband, Henry. Relieved she is not asking for a divorce, he is startled when his normally complacent wife comes forward with her request. She furthermore tells him that she is going to court to serve the Queen. She no longer wishes to have marital relations because she cannot bear the thought of losing another child, so she promises not to cuckold Henry while she is at court. He refuses her request and asks that she allow him to woo her back.

“Courtly Pleasures” is a beautifully written medieval story with an unusual twist. The two main characters are already married but are at odds with one another. Henry is a full-bodied character who is so devoted to the Crown...

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